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Ranking Photograph Hotel name One-night charge Ratings The number of reservation
1 APA Hotel Osaka-Tanimachi(APA Hotel Osaka-Tanimachi) APA Hotel Osaka-Tanimachi from $62 0
2 Richmond Hotel Higashi Osaka(Richmond Hotel Higashi Osaka) Richmond Hotel Higashi Osaka from $96 0
3 U-Community Hotel(U-Community Hotel) U-Community Hotel from $102 0
4 Hotel MyStays Otemae(Hotel MyStays Otemae) Hotel MyStays Otemae from $95 0
5 Hotel Monterey La Soeur Osaka(Hotel Monterey La Soeur Osaka) Hotel Monterey La Soeur Osaka from $111 0
6 Hotel Keihan Kyobashi(Hotel Keihan Kyobashi) Hotel Keihan Kyobashi from $108 0
7 Imperial Hotel Osaka(Imperial Hotel Osaka) Imperial Hotel Osaka from $352 0
8 Hotel Keihan Tenmabashi(Hotel Keihan Tenmabashi) Hotel Keihan Tenmabashi from $42 0
9 APA Hotel Osaka-Temma(APA Hotel Osaka-Temma) APA Hotel Osaka-Temma from $59 0
10 Hotel New Otani Osaka(Hotel New Otani Osaka) Hotel New Otani Osaka from $133 0
11 Hotel The Lutheran(Hotel The Lutheran) Hotel The Lutheran from $50 0

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