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Kitami /Abashiri Ranking 1
  • English
  • Onsen
  • Ryokan
HOKUTEN NO OKA Lake Abashiri Tsuruga Resort
Sufficient onsen hotel in Abashiri
・Fantastic room・Comfortable spa・Great view・Excellent service・Spacious room・Free Wi-Fi
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Kitami /Abashiri Ranking 2
Toyoko Inn Hokkaido Okhotsk Abashiri Ekimae
Best location for Abashiri sightseeing
・Near JR station・Wonderful breakfast・Tidy room・Good value for money・Near tourists atraction
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Kitami /Abashiri Ranking 3
  • Onsen
Hotel Route Inn Abashiri Ekimae
Comfortable hotel in Abashiri
・Comfortable room with tidiness・Best located・Great morning buffet・Large public bath・Friendly staff・Free Wi-Fi
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Kitami /Abashiri Ranking 4
  • Onsen
Hotel Route Inn Kitami Ekimae
Free parking hotel in KItami
・Standard looking Kitami hotel・Pleasant room, feeling warm・Natural hot spring in Kitami・Free parking area
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Kitami /Abashiri Ranking 5
  • Onsen
  • Ryokan
Hotel Abashirikoso
Relaxing hotel in Abashiri
・Good breakfast and dinner・Full of nature・Excellent service・Good view・Accessible to tourists atraction・Free coffee
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Abashiri Green Hotel
Good value for money
・Near local restaurant・Spacious room, with tidiness・Great view・Decent staff・Near tourists atraction・Free parking lot・Free Wi-Fi
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  • Onsen
Dormy Inn Kitami
Simple and efficient Kitami hotel
・Light Kitami hotel, looking stylish・Simple room, with efficiency・Good public bath in cold Kitami
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